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Indian humour what the heck.

Just wondering if we can pin down what Indian humour is. Is it the self-deprecating humour? You know the type of humour and jokes that put ourselves down. There is the one story of the Russian fellow that came hunting in Canada. They were out hunting in the bush, when the Russian and his guide … Continue reading

Are you Indian enough? The Hierarchy of Aboriginal people.

Are you Indian enough? The Hierarchy of Aboriginal people. by Steve Julian You ever hear the terms, redbone, apple, nosebleed, wannabe, Mooneyash, wemittigozhi,waabishkizi, baakwaayish, and wiisaakodewinini? Probably not. If you are an Indian you may not appreciate other Natives saying those things to you. There is a real battle going on in Indian country and … Continue reading

NdN Jedi

You might be an Indian Jedi if… You use the phrase, “May the force be with you, aye!!!” Your Jedi robe is beaded You use your light saber to butcher a buffalo or to open a Bud At least one wing of your “rezzed out” X-wing fighter is primer colored and your transmitter is a … Continue reading


10. My old man is sitting out 90 days in the Tribal jail … ! 9. Call me when you get back from hunting and I’ll dry your deer meat for you! 8. You were the only one I heard hit that high note at the ’49! 7. I don’t care if you lost your … Continue reading


Q: Do you know what an indian fortune cookie is? A: A piece of fry bread with a food stamp stuck in it! (AYE)! Q: How are native men and fry bread alike? A: They’re both round, brown and greasy!! Q: What does a mother buffalo say to a boy buffalo when she sends him … Continue reading

Native Hoop Study Completed!

A 2 year study was recently completed by the members of Native Hoop in the effects/affects of stress related headaches, plumbing, and Washington, D.C.. The conclusion of that study is as follows along with a suggestion as to how to relieve your stress. During the course of the study, we found more people both native … Continue reading


10 people will be dropped into a reservation where they will have to endure one week of hardship, gossiping, backstabbing, jealousy, teepee creeping, 49ing, and be able to survive on high-fat, high cholesterol foods (USDA approved). The 10 contestants will be given: * Five sacred rocks. * Rez car with no doors and no backglass. … Continue reading

NdN Horoscopes

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 19: You are always saving junk and dragging things around the yard. You are basically a pack rat. There has never been a tidy Capricorn on your Indian Reserve. You should quit stealing other people’s garbage. AQUARIUS Jan 20-Feb 18: You haven’t the foggiest idea who you are and you’ve stayed stupid … Continue reading

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road as Explained by NdN People

SOVEREIGN INDIAN: This is the Chicken’s inherent right as he is indigenous to this land!!! MILITANT INDIAN: That chicken should block the road, not cross the road!!! GRASSROOTS INDIAN: If the darn chickens need to get across the road, let ’em cross the darn road! COLONIZED INDIAN: Chiggens should never cross the roads that white … Continue reading

NDN Jokes from F/B

Taylor gang or go duck hunting with Dick Chaney Submitted by Russell Logan —————————————————————- Hey?! Hw U doin?? Lol. K….. There were thze 2ladiez ridin 2gether 2the store whn they came 2thz round bout …they juzt kept goin N goin…whn finally one azkz the other Whn R we gona get there!!! Submotted by Eva Martin … Continue reading

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