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Naomi’s Rain

A group of roughly 100 people gathered at the Oklahoma state capitol  yesterday to pay tribute to and demand justice for Naomi Whitecrow, a 2  year old Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal member killed in 2009 while in the care of a foster family.  The foster mother, Amy Holder, of Edmond, Oklahoma was found guilty in … Continue reading

Decolonizing Defense, 515 Portage Ave. 3pm

Just a reminder that the Decolonizing Defense Talking Circle will be happening at 515 Portage Ave. at 3pm TODAY (Sunday) and you are INVITED. In case you forgot what it was about, here’s what’s up below: (plus details on how to get the audio/transcripts) ===> DECOLONIZING DEFENSE: <==== RADICAL CONVERSATIONS FOR INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY SELF DEFENSE … Continue reading

Why we must put an end to their fraud

Back in the past, the government tried to buy our lands by bringing all the real Chiefs and councils to a meeting. All Chiefs were head-strong and would not give up their lands, at that time they were knows as the Western Confederacy of Tribes, which were many tribes who united and formed together to … Continue reading

The Faceless & Forgotten…

Last week I went into Seattle for a job interview. No big deal, hit the ferry, cross the water and hit the pavement. Nothing new really. As soon as I got out of the terminal I saw an Indin couple with a little sign, not sure what it said, I didn’t really care, I just … Continue reading

5 minutes to help Glen Cove! Have your voice heard!

As many of you have heard, a non-Native solidarity group staged a successful protest at the offices of Bay Trails in Oakland yesterday morning. Bay Trails is a public office that manages bicycle trails around the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately, they are also a substantial investor in the public development plan at the Ohlone … Continue reading

How low do we need to go?

How low do we need to go? That is the question that runs through my mind. I read an article today posted by TD bank on how the head chief of Ontario rubbed noses with them on a few events. Our head chief rubbing noses and making deals with the biggest corporation on our lands, … Continue reading

Something to think about?

3000 murdered or missing women, think about it. What is the signaficance of this? How about their innocence for one. Second, is this a plan perpetrated by the government, of course it is, why do you think they turn a blind eye to it. Lets think how this government thinks for a moment and understand … Continue reading

New AIM TV episode up on youtube- In Honor of Segorea Te/Glen Cove

Another exciting episode on AIM TV- amature Public ACCESS at its best! a shout out to everyone out there in prayer and ceremony for the protection of the Ancestors- Pilamayaye/Megwetch/Thank you “We plan to be there for as long as it takes”-Jesse Romero- Chumash Join Ms. Corine Fairbanks, Oglala Lakota, as she and Joe Bear … Continue reading

Red Power United call out: For Food and supplies to make a stand.

Red Power United call out: For Food and supplies to make a stand. To members of RED POWER UNITED (NATIVE RIGHTS MOVEMENT) Harrison Helkrow April 26 at 10:11am Members of Red Power United in solidarity is preparing to make a stand in protection of Native Lands. We are sending a urgent call out for food … Continue reading

Urgent Call to Glen Cove

GVRD are meeting TODAY to discuss taking legal action, which means ARRESTS, for the people keeping vigil at Glen Cove shellmound. There is an urgent call for people to please physically go to Glen Cove, make phone calls, email to get people involved who can help, and show support for the ancestral burial remains that … Continue reading

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