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Let Worms do Your Work!

The lowly earthworm is really a knight in shinning armor when it comes to garden soil. They tirelessly work to improve water retention and drainage, decrease run off and erosion, aerate the soil, and improve tilth and structure. They also increase nitrogen and the bio-availability of other plant nutrients. They do all this for free … Continue reading

Digging the Dirt / May in the Garden

Previously published in the Hoopa People News, copyright 2008, Harvest McCampbell. When Food Prices Rise, Planting a Garden is Wise Sticker shock increasingly hounds our food shopping decisions. Unfortunately, this trend is set to continue, at least through next winter, as both fuel and food prices continue to rise. Several factors are at play, forcing … Continue reading

Seed List

Dear Readers, I had a long trip to town for groceries today and it is raining . . . But I need to stash my seed list somewhere on line – and this seems a good a place as any . . . I would welcome any comments, questions, corrections, etc. Key, Please be patient … Continue reading

A Simple Garden Routine – useful for bad backs, no time, short budgets:

  My current garden routine began evolving when I became too ill to work, approximately two and a half years ago. In the last year, after a bad car accident, I have been fine tuning that routine. The fine tune is something that will probably be in progress the rest of my gardening life, as … Continue reading

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