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James Minodeewin Waasmowin Taylor, Native Chef

Ahneen, Boozhoo. Minodewwiin Waasmowin dizhnigas, Kawartha’s Doongiba, Nigig dodem. Hello Greetings my name is James Taylor I am from the Kawartha’s in Ontario Canada, I am a graduate of George Brown College in Toronto Ontario Native Cuisine, But I was taught everything I know by my Mom (Grandmother) when I was small. My Father (Grandfather) … Continue reading

Myth and Back

From my home reserve of Kahnawake, an old-school ritual: walk the train bridge to Lachine on the railroad ties but bizarrer and bizzarer are the ways the whites absorb our ways in to their romantic myths – by Russel Imrie

Brief History of a Displaced Youth

I often think about how so many of us out here in the world don’t have any true sense of cultural identity! Being such a melting pot of cultures constantly crossing paths through relationships lasting and failed often leads to many young ones with multi racial heritage, myself and my own son included! Yet unlike … Continue reading

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