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My Lil Buddy

When you came into my world so beautiful innocent and carefree I didn’t know you came with a gift something that opened up everytime I saw you Everytime I heard you speak and especially whenever you spoke out a new word Everytime I heard you cry out, when i could answer them holding you in … Continue reading

Unbroken Chain

it was sometime in the sky .. sometime when the winds were blowing, blowing their words to me.. long ago, long ago but I still remember, yes, the memory lives still.. sweet, the taste like the fields we once walked. words come to me, something…nahuatl.. these were words spoken once when this place was ours … Continue reading

Savage Pride

I think sometimes, in my deepest sleep when my deepest dreams dream their way, my way I may stray a lil too far from the path I wanted to stay ~ upon.. those grounds the music is loud, the people are clear to me near to me, I can hear their breath in the shuffle … Continue reading


from the locks of eternity, whispering, blowing course of the sand, drifting across the vast & empty land running, to the source and away from a way that ended that day.. monument in the sand.. calling, calling.. but to who? ..and do you listen, nihi, do you hear? when dreams show more than how the … Continue reading

Payin it Forward ~

Three little, Two little, One Indian Man! Makin due with what I got, doin the best I can I got no ride, I got no whip No gang affiliation and I don’t trip Only thing I claim is my blood and my family Always and forever that’s good enough for me I won’t ever claim … Continue reading

From across the Room ~

I saw her sittin there from across the room With her picture perfect chameleon smile tryin to hide the gloom Sittin here myself, wishin I could be the one to make her smile for real To let her know I can relate….. to how she feel But instead I just sit and study her for … Continue reading

Unspoken Memory

..we were standing by the river, just as we had so many times before.. the dampness in the air drenching us, yet warm, and the scent of the soft banks..taking me back to a place.. so long ago.. this place was old, riddled with stories ancient, stories untold …and there were pieces of other places, … Continue reading

The Dance

One foot in front of the other! Each step an act of respect! As the entrance gets closer so does the singing, echoing off the walls! The rhythmic chanting all to the pulse of one heart! His feet start moving to the rhythm! His body starts to react in one fluid motion! He moves as … Continue reading

Assimilated Genocide

Spread the blood thin and wipe us out entirely Open your eyes Realize being Native is more than skin deep We’ve shed our blood, we’ve cried our tears And it hasn’t amounted to shit after all these years So many warriors, young and old have died All in the name of religion and political genocide … Continue reading

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