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Are you a real “part” Indian?

Cherokee. What do you think of when you hear the word? If you are a member of any other tribal nation you may laugh upon hearing the word. It may make you think of blonde-haired, blue-eyed  “Indians” wearing turkey feathers at powwows. It may make you think of people asking you “Are you Indian?” and … Continue reading

Demand Justice for Little Naomi

For the Little Ones When a little baby cries, who was there to comfort the child? What if that baby dies, who will give them justice? In the ground they now lie, who will remember them? Their spirits now fly back home, back to the Creator. Ben Carnes, (c) 2011 Recently, a Logan County jury … Continue reading

Native American leader Elouise Cobell dies at 65

NATIONAL / WORLD NEWS 2:46 a.m. Monday, October 17, 2011 HELENA, Mont. — Elouise Cobell, the Blackfeet woman who led a 15-year legal fight to force the U.S. government to account for more than a century of mismanaged Indian land royalties, died Sunday. She was 65. Cobell died at a Great Falls hospital of complications … Continue reading

My Lil Buddy

When you came into my world so beautiful innocent and carefree I didn’t know you came with a gift something that opened up everytime I saw you Everytime I heard you speak and especially whenever you spoke out a new word Everytime I heard you cry out, when i could answer them holding you in … Continue reading

Breast Cancer… It’s Not Just A Girl Thing

With the arrival of October, Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns are going into overdrive and with good reason. Nearly 250,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year; more than 11,000 of those women are under the age of 40. 40,000 women will fall victim and die of breast cancer.  And that number is rising. However, … Continue reading

Protect Rattlesnake Island ~ Protest

Protect Rattlesnake Island–Protest / 10.10 Emeryville Protest Against Nady Electronicsin Emeryville, CA Protect Sacred Places: Stop the Desecration of Rattlesnake Island Monday, October 10, 2011 (Indigenous People’s Day) 6701 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, CA 12:00 noon Emeryville, CA – Join us on Monday October 10th 2011, Indigenous People’s Day, to demand that Bay Area millionaire businessman … Continue reading

Tribes Have Time to Find New Resources

BY MARK TRAHANT It’s nearly impossible to know when a new political era has begun for certain. Congress enacted House Resolution 108 on August 1, 1953, officially beginning the era of tribal termination. This dreadful policy was supposed to abolish federal supervision over American Indian tribes and to subject tribal members to state and county … Continue reading

Indian humour what the heck.

Just wondering if we can pin down what Indian humour is. Is it the self-deprecating humour? You know the type of humour and jokes that put ourselves down. There is the one story of the Russian fellow that came hunting in Canada. They were out hunting in the bush, when the Russian and his guide … Continue reading

The Lord must have loved you something Pretty.

As a teenage girl, when I wasn’t home on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, I was on the streets of Seattle. 1st and Pike. Right in front of the Pike Place Market. (I first got to Seattle at the age of 12). Out at WestLake Mall. And sometimes if my Natives had money we would get … Continue reading

Are you Indian enough? The Hierarchy of Aboriginal people.

Are you Indian enough? The Hierarchy of Aboriginal people. by Steve Julian You ever hear the terms, redbone, apple, nosebleed, wannabe, Mooneyash, wemittigozhi,waabishkizi, baakwaayish, and wiisaakodewinini? Probably not. If you are an Indian you may not appreciate other Natives saying those things to you. There is a real battle going on in Indian country and … Continue reading

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