About TVI

NATIVE PRIDE! Halito, ᏏᏲ, Ya’at’eeh, Aniin, Tansi, Hau, Eweenitu, Hè, Haaah, Waqaa, Aloha, Cuanque’xlyaa, Lhaxayem, Xósa, Toro’ma, Maruawe, Qhest, Hensci, Wâciye, Ade’, Hawaan, Nginda, Nenànkäk nätäydëk häjit shò trì’nlay, Yowtz, Welina, Oppu mikkon towih, Tehats’i, Haho, Um waynuma, Tu ough qua no u, Kwe kwe, Asujutidli, Ai, Kiana, Ûmâ, Guwaadzi sai hauba, Mique wush tagooven, Manahóo, Dáazho, Sha shel a chin stáchi, Bosó, Amto, Mej, Auka, Gilakas’la, Onkwáho, Nawa, Kwedachi, Skênö, Hooy, Quin’a moth’a, Estonko, Maná hu, He’ ha, Xast sxelx’ált, Sekoli, Keishi, Yeytk, Seea, J’wan!

We are a new Native Newz website building towards becoming a magazine one day in the near future. Built by The People, for The People! We focus on promoting talented members of the native community, presenting you with articles that simply, ‘tell it like it is’, and focusing our energy into Indigenous unity and cultural growth ~ We aim to perpetuate culture, & bring Indian Country out into the world, ending our role as “the invisible minority”, & killing stereotypes both outside, and inside our communities – we encourage stepping up to the plate in all ways – creating more outlets to promote the talented, the goal oriented, and the everyday ndn.. we encourage indigenous owned businesses, indigenous produced films, music, etc, while keeping a firm hold on Tradition.

TVI isn’t jus some company or publication – we’re a down to earth, Native Hoop production set on helping The People! Its goot to meet you! ~ Editor in Chief, Caledonia RattlingGourd



One thought on “About TVI

  1. lililililililililili – I am honored.

    Posted by Pte San Win | February 13, 2012, 5:47 am

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