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Editorial, Poetry

My Lil Buddy

When you came into my world
so beautiful innocent and carefree
I didn’t know you came with a gift
something that opened up everytime I saw you
Everytime I heard you speak and especially whenever you spoke out a new word
Everytime I heard you cry out, when i could answer them holding you in my arms
I had so much love and Pride knowing you were my son
and that you called me Dad
Even if you were not of my blood
My whole world would light up and I was filled with an incredible sense of love and warmth
My heart was bursting at it’s seams for you
for every big and small thing you’ve ever done and were going to do
i had such an excitement at the possibility of your beautiful, bright, brilliant future
Then you left with your mother
took that gift with you
there’s an empty space in my broken heart only you could fill
it’s irreplaceable cause you are
I sit and pray and think and sing and laugh and live and know
kitsiikakomim (my love is wrapping around you)
will wait until we meet again if we ever do
And i’ll listen to the person you have become and hear all your stories
My beautiful Son


About CRG

Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


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