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Native Personal Trainer Certificat​ion

Why YOU should attend?

1. Getting some exercise most days of the week protects and improves your health. Many fitness clients get off diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure meds after consistently exercising for 6-weeks or more!

2. This is the BEST introductory training available in Indian Country for those new to the fitness field. Nowhere else will the instructor follow-up with you to make sure you understood the material and provide support and resources years after attending the training!

3. This is the ONLY fitness training in Indian Country developed by Indian People for Indian People!

4. Helping others get healthy and fit and see results is fun and rewarding!
Here’s what Native People are saying about CRL Fitness Trainings:


“It was great to have a NATIVE instructor! Keep up the awesome job!”


“Very great training…thank you!”


“I will use everything I learned at my program!”


“You should offer this training quarterly for Tribal Programs”


“I really enjoyed EVERYTHING!”




“Humor is big in our Communities. Humor and exercise are an excellent combination”



Only 4-weeks left to register for CRL Health & Fitness Fall Nationally Recognized Primary Personal Trainer Certification (Friday October 28, 2011) at the Shrine Auditorium in Billings, Montana. REGISTER NOW!!

Group Discounts are available! Call Lita at (406) 208-5779 or email for more information.

EZ Registration….just download attached registration form from this email (**TVI Readers — Registration form found at bottom of this notice**) or at, fill it out and send in with payment as soon as possible. That’s all you have to do!

Lita Pepion, President & CEO
CRL Health & Fitness, LLC
Providing Health & Fitness Training throughout Indian Country!
PO Box 30012
Billings, MT 59107
(406) 534-6791
(406) 208-5779
Fax: 775-593-1957

YOU can enjoy better health and life quality one step at a time!
Be the Change You Want to See in the World!



Primary Personal Trainer Institute 9 am – 4 pm

Upon completion of the Primary Personal Trainer Certification you will obtain a general working
knowledge of Proper Weight Lifting Fundamentals; Use of Free Weights and Machines; Practice
Procedures; Exercise Execution; Major Muscle Groups; and Program Design. After completing and passing
the Primary Personal Trainer Certification, you will be able to apply these class components and train
one-on-one with general health and fitness components. The personal training certification covers all
major muscle groups and program design basics of individualizing training programs for a wide range of

Advanced Personal Trainer Institute

With the Advanced Personal Trainer Certification you will obtain a working knowledge on the following
Personal Trainer Topics: Advanced Fitness Assessment in muscle balances, functional strength and
flexibility, and the 4 fitness performance components (agility, power, speed and skill); Advanced
Weightlifting Technique and Programming; Specialized Conditioning Programming; Core Conditioning;
and Common Sports Injuries. After completing and passing the Advanced Personal Trainer Certification,
you will be able to apply these specific health and fitness personal training components and prescribe a
specialized conditioning program that will in turn assist your client in reaching specific fitness goals.


Registration Form October 2011


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