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The Rantings of James Morales

It seems that today is looking to be a good day for a rant or two so I’m going to share with you some of my thoughts. Recently I was tagging a very disturbing note about the exploitation of our culture, people, and honor. I read the note and had to sit down and chew on the rawhide for a minute before sharing my thoughts on the matter.

Many of our elders, activists, and tribes have spoken out on the exploitation of non natives exploiting our culture, traditions and people by non natives trying to make an easy dollar, creating a name for theirselves, or just wanting to belong to something bigger than they are.

Now I find we have an elder who is a 4/4 tribal member selling memberships to his tribe and selling indian names. You know I’m a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and I know for a fact this is not something that is acceptable on the rez.

To do so is like saying its ok and we should condone every native wannabee, nuager, and anybody to continue making money at the expense of the People. We have all been trying for years to stop these things from happening in the non native world.

Native Hoop and all of its related sites promote the positive works of our People. Speaking for my organizations, we can not condone, be affitiated with, or support any person or tribal member that sells our culture, traditions, or our People. As such we will be cleaning out our profile lists at facebook for any persons committing these crimes against our people…..

James Morales

copyright (c) 2011



About James Morales

I am a choctaw and a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. I grew up in the Conehatta coummunity and attended the Conehatta Indian School. CEO - Native Hoop Inc President - Native Hoop Management President - Native Emergency Relief & Volunteer Agency, Inc Executive Producer - Voices of the Hoop Executive Producer - N8tive Soundz & Newz Executive Producer - The Hoop


One thought on “The Rantings of James Morales

  1. Thanks for the write up !
    I’ve been seeing alit of Natives finally cave in to rich white newage money
    It’s discusting !
    White girls selling feather earrings
    New age retreats with wannabees making thousands will my nephews n relatives struggle
    There’s one lady here saying she’s native making thousands taking people to Peru shaman retreats
    Fukin bullshit

    Posted by EagleIreports | August 15, 2011, 5:44 pm

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