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From Here to There

Does anyone truly understand dreams? I truly doubt it! I dream almost everytime I sleep and in color even! Now I just gotta get the High Definition hook up!
I’ve dreamed of events in my life long before they ever happened. Hours, days, weeks, even years before the dream becomes a reality!
Most times it’s just something little like being in the backseat of a car and driving by a building with Olde English lettering in plaster white announcing that building is in deed the arcade, or meeting someone for the first time, or little dej’a vu things like that!
Then there are the big things like breaking my arm playing king of the hill in the 3rd grade and dreaming about the whole day as it happened, then in third grade when I was playing king of the hill and I broke my arm I knew exactly how the day was going to go!
It was surreal at first like it wasn’t even happening, then when the superintendant told me he would take me to the clinic and I saw his face I knew I’d already done this somehow! I even dreamed of his tweed jacket with the corduroy elbow patches that he was wearing!
And there are the really big ones like before I went to Texas I dreamed of a sweat lodge and exactly where it would be, as if maybe a long time ago there may have been one there! There was a rattle snake in the lodge and in my dream I split it’s head open and killed it!
Then when I went to Texas there was no lodge and once I saw the layout of the land it came to me and I knew exactly where the lodge needed to be! So I told some of the elder cats and we got it organized and got it going and soon enough we had a lodge and rocks! Funny though, one day when I was by myself keeping busy around the lodge grounds I came upon a small rattle snake, but unlike the dream I didn’t kill it. Instead I herded it off the grounds and let it go, and I think in doing so I altered my course a little, well maybe, who really knows eh?
Anyways, in my dreams, as in my life, I travel!
So HERE I am! Somwhere in the west and what led me here? Why dreams of course! And some of y’all might be thinkin “Oh Chad, you so CRAZY!”, and to a point I would have to agree! Who lives like that? I do!
So how do I get THERE? That’s the question to be answered as the days and nights unfold! And where exactly is THERE and what happens after I get THERE? Open questions and who knows, although I know that I will know when or as it’s happening! Then choices have to be made! Do I go with the flow or do I change course and do something entirely different than the dream?
The expression “follow your dreams” I think is mostly career oriented and is more like “hey you, yeah you! What the hell you gonna do with your life?!”.
I’ve never known, only that I would like to be a father and a husband but how I get there I don’t know! Life’s a continuous enigma that slowly reveals itself to us in all it’s various up’s and downs!
So I go! One foot in front of the other and I see where the day takes me!
Some people wake up and say “well I have this, this, and this to do today!”. Well that’s just fantastic!
Myself, I wake up saying dirty expletives or “what the hell am I gonna do today”?. I never know what the day will bring in and out my life.
Along this trip I’ve met a lot of AMAZING and WONDERFULLY STRANGE and BEAUTIFUL people! As well as a lot of jerks! Along this trip I’ve learned to be invisible and just watch the world turn as life passes me by!
Along this trip I’ve learned to love people as much as I can and hold on to it! I’ve also learned that sometimes you have to let go!
Along this trip I’ve learned to live with sacrifice! Because sometimes you have no choice in the matter!
Along this trip I’ve learned to never take for granted the time spent with those you love and care about! Cause you never know when you’ll have to say goodbye!
Never dreamed I’d be homeless though! Or maybe in dreams there is no such thing!
Now it gets interesting once again cause this definitely isn’t the first time! Where do I go from here and how? What will I do when I get there? Where will I stay? How will I eat?
I don’t know!
Time seems to get shorter when you have nowhere to go?
Life experience can truly kick you down that’s for sure!
She says to me “you just haven’t reached your bottom yet!”, and I said “I’ve been at the bottom all my life, I haven’t reached the surface yet!”.
Maybe some of us are born bottom feeders and the day we hook up to some jerks fishing line, he sees what we are and throws us on shore to die a confusing death! Sitting there thinking “Wow, finally find my out and for this, seriously? What the hell man?”.
You get what yah get and you don’t always reap what you sow! Whoever said that is full of it!
So life is a dream and we are all passengers!
Watch us as we dance like eagles into the sunset! Watch us as we dance so fluid like water! Watch us as we dance into the future like cosmonauts!
I pay attention to my dreams then let them go just as quickly because I never know when they’ll happen I just know they will someday, somehow, someway!
Maybe these dreams will lead me to you someday and we can sit and talk about our travels from HERE to THERE!
Til then, think about me as I dance into the sunset on weary feet!
I will be thinking of you all my brothers and sisters!
Live to dream, dream to live!

By Chad Hiatt Chippewa Cree/Kootenai by blood, human by nature!


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Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


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