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In 1620 the Mayflower came here and dropped off a bunch of people. Now after seeking the help and aid from the Original people of this country (and creating the first welfare line) , they start to set up colonies and they wanted more and they got more by any means they could.

Well these new people left their country (England) to get out from under the English crown and their greed. Well in 80 years plus they had built 13 colonies and started to form their ragtag government. England didn’t like this at all and next thing you know all hell was breaking lose, as in WAR. This war was due to the colonies disagree with being taxed by England and the English demands of control.

So now we have the Revolutionary War. A war over taxes. This war almost cause the fall of the Confederacy of the Iroquois. Well to shorten this a bit, England got their ass kicked.. and things seemed to be good after the war for Natives. We were still strong and a force to recken with. Moving on to the 1800’s and with a firm government in place, the president of the U.S. wrote a law and passed it in to law and a treaty. This treaty would and did make us TAX Exempt, this was 1842. Now in 1924 the Natives were made citizens of the U.S. which bogles my mind, seeing as we were always here.

In 1997 the Govenor of New York got a wild hair up is butt and said we, the Iroquois owed billions of dollars of back taxes. Back taxes from 1842 up 1997. Wait, isn’t there a TREATY and law that says we are tax exempt?? Break a treaty and you break a law! Am I or are they missing something here, or did they not listen real close in their college history classes?? I think they didn’t. Now 4 govenors later they are still trying to collect tax from us, for tobacco products. Um wait.. if I am not mistaken that is why they Revolutionary war was fought, taxes on tobacco and other products, are they that stupid they forgot their history? The answer , YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever happened to the treaty and the law THEY WROTE AND CREATED AND SET IN PLACE? EASY. They threw it out the window. They are no better then those first people that came here on the Mayflower, UNTRUSTWORTHY, their word and words mean (censored). The tax in New York State is the highest in the country and seeing how much of the Revolutionary war was fought here, it makes no sense because they forgot the history of their founding fathers (yeah right, founding fathers). Even then they were crooks, drunks , dopers and morally empty.

Now in 2011, in New York, there is a $4.35 tax on tobacco products, however if you go to the rez and buy Native made smokes there is no taxes but they ( govenor Como) is fighting us to tax our Native made smokes and the rez. Did they forget the Revolutionary War was over and about outragiously high and high taxes? Again, New York state is the highest taxed state in the country and it isn’t just Tobacco taxes, it is all taxed and they have taxed everything right down to bottled water and soda to the splitting of a bagle. What are they thinking. New York state collects BILLIONS of dollars a year on taxes for smokes and yet they scream, NY STATE IS BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (censored) !!!!

What is next to be taxed, the use of toilet paper?

People are getting sick of these taxes and the ongoing raising of them, they may stand up and make a stand. One government person said if it comes to blood shed then so be it, but we will collect our taxes from these people and their Nations. Will history repeat itself?


written by Tom Lavendure


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Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


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