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Why we must put an end to their fraud

Back in the past, the government tried to buy our lands by bringing all the real Chiefs and councils to a meeting. All Chiefs were head-strong and would not give up their lands, at that time they were knows as the Western Confederacy of Tribes, which were many tribes who united and formed together to prevent British and the Americans from stealing native lands. They were fed alcohol all night and when they were drunk enough to the point of passing out, the government gave them a sheet to sign. Some signed it not knowing what it was, while others did not. Some didn’t have to sign it, the government agents did that for them. A point to make, my great grandfather and many other Chiefs told the government “No!” they would not sign anything. My great Grandfather was a Odawa Chief (a real Chief, not a fraud) and Odawa land was not only the land we build our houses on, but it was the land we hunted from and lived off. From Ottawa, down to the Great lakes, to Manitoulin Island, both sides of the shores, US and Canada. Even the Ottawa River that flowed north from Ottawa to Algonquin Park, was our traditional lands. This is what he says was ours, these were our traditional lands that he said belonged not to him but to his children to come. We hunted, trapped and used the waters to travel in order to trade with other nations on both sides of the governments imaginary border. My great grandmother’s family was Potawatomi from Michigan where our family traveled to freely showing the government these were our lands and that we were not confined to one place.

The most important thing is that the government had to get those who signed, drunk. An example of this illegal activity can be found in their own laws. For example: If you get a girl drunk and try to have sex with her because she may or may not have consented because she was passing out at the time, is it legal? No, it is illegal, it is breaking the law. Sorry for this reference but its a prime example of showing you that the law states one cannot agree, consent, or sign into a agreement if one is taken advantage of, while under the influence. Exactly what the government tried to do (I mean “did”) in claiming the land.

We open our arms to them and allowed them to co-exist on our lands, as long as they didn’t interfere with ours or destroy our land. They have done both. They came in with friendship, and told us they wanted to teach our children, both with education and religion. When they were alone with our children, they raped them, tortured them, sterilized them and then they killed them. They injected them with diseases to bring home to our families, that made our nations drop like flies. They simply wanted to kill us all with genocide, all the time smiling to us, telling us to trust them they are our friends. When we got weaker, when we started dying off, and became a smaller population, they took the lands, they just helped themselves to it. They claimed they owned it all and that we just simply gave it to them. They lied. They wrote out more phony deeds signed by themselves, they made elected chiefs and got them to sign things they had no clue what they were signing, just gave them false promises and corrupted them as much as they could to steal the land. The government thought they got rid of the Hereditary Chiefs during the genocide, or they thought they just screwed them up so much by the killings, the child thefts, the name changing, that they wouldn’t have a clue who they were anymore. They were wrong.

They won no war, something they lied to their children and foreigners through schools, media and in movies, because if there was a war, they would have lost. When our tribes became one, we were untouchable, undefeatable. It was when they started killing babies and women in their Residential Schools, that the government showed it’s true face, that’s when this country was born. A country based on murdering innocent lives by stabbing them from behind is what this government is guilty off. They celebrate Canada day, as the day to be proud of, when in fact, its the day they should be ashamed of. How many children did they kill? They won’t say, they won’t admit to it. The government and the church, both responsible for it, both won’t admit to how many children lay in unmarked graves. Even their own god can’t save them from going to hell because of their lies, their murders and their cover-ups. My mom kept me out of church for a reason, she didn’t want me to go to hell and pay for the sins that the church and the government has made.

You can’t take lands that you have no claim to. No matter what you did to get it, it was illegal. When Chiefs like my great grandfather said no, it means, you have no claim to it. When you got those drunk in order to get them to sign when they had no clue what they were signing, again, you have no legal claim to the land. Canada is not a country, its a corporation who is guilty of crimes against humanity, not war crimes, but murder, rape, theft, kidnapping and so forth. The church is a crime against the Creator, and if they call him God, then it will be him that will cast them all to hell, but soon one day, they will have to face their crimes here on our soil for their role in our children’s deaths. They lay claim we couldn’t own the land because we were not of Christian soul, it was them who were the murderers and without a soul and because of that, they and the government had the right to our lands. Again, they are wrong. This, one day, in the International Courts, you will learn, once our nation realizes, we will unite, we will stand, and we will reclaim our birthright.

Today, they still smile at us, tell us to trust them and still they shaft us, trying to assimilate us and take away our lands. they haven’t changed. They poison our waters, kill off our wildlife, our forest and keep us in poverty. We cannot trade, or build economies without threats of prosecution and so forth. We are left in poverty in many of our reserves, while they take everything that we have. Our funding is being cut, our rights being slowly taken away. They try to force their taxes on us or thrown in their jails. They treat us as if we are owned and we are their slaves to their big corporation. It’s time we change, unite and stand up once again so our children to come have a home, a future,a legacy of who they are and what they were and still are.

Our land. Our rights. Our nation. Our government. It’s time. United Aborignial Council of the Americas – UACA

by David Cada
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