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James Minodeewin Waasmowin Taylor, Native Chef

Ahneen, Boozhoo. Minodewwiin Waasmowin dizhnigas, Kawartha’s Doongiba, Nigig dodem. Hello Greetings my name is James Taylor I am from the Kawartha’s in Ontario Canada, I am a graduate of George Brown College in Toronto Ontario Native Cuisine, But I was taught everything I know by my Mom (Grandmother) when I was small.

My Father (Grandfather) taught me how to hunt and trap when I was small too. He showed me how to catch and clean our food properly and my Mom (Grandmother) taught how to prepare them. I was adopted by my grandparents when I was only 7 days old, and raised as their own. I was also lucky enough to have had my Great Grandfather in my life for 8 years, before he passed away. During that time he taught me many things about the medicines I use today, and the stories passed to him by his Dad.

I was struck by lightning on May 23rd 2003 at around 7 AM in the morning. Or so I was told that was the time. My nephew and I were out fishing when the thunders Came so we went home.. I told my nephew we could not be outside as we might get hit by lightning and it could kill us. We lived close to the water and it did not take us long to get home. But by the time we got there we were soaked to the skin. I took off my wet shoes and socks and sat on the left side of my brother in front of the fire place. When all of a sudden I saw a stream of light like a pink/purple colored hair come out of the fire place and hit my foot. Then I saw a flash in front of my eyes and a pain that was the most intense thing I ever felt. And in a half second it was over. In the blink of an eye I could feel my heart not working and it felt like everything in my body was not moving. In my head I turned to my brother and said call a doctor call an ambulance something is wrong. The next thing I know it feels like I am in Toronto with my sister’s at my sister Iris’ house. And at the same time I was with my nephew’s who were different places in Toronto. In that instant, I realized I was able to be everywhere. I was in the spirit world. In this journey is where my Ojibwe name comes from. It means Kind/Gentle lightning, Or Childrens Lightning.

I currently live and work on Vancouver Isalnd in British Columbia. I work for a place called the Shoal Center in Sidney B.C just a few minutes north of Victoria. My love is to cook and Prepare Our First Nation’s Cuisine, and fuse it with the cultures of all nation’s.

I also am working for a small organic catering company here on the island as well. (Laura the Organic Chef) doing small events around the island.

I do cermonies and do sunrise cerimony every Sunday Morning honoring Grandfathers and Spirit World.
Chi Meegwetch.

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Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


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