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Principal Chief Chad Smith Declared Winner of Cherokee Nation Election


On June 25th Cherokee Nation citizens went to the polls to cast their votes for Principal Cheif. Results came in today, declaring Chad Smith winner, having surpassed opponant Bill John Baker by seven (7) votes.

Baker has until the afternoon of the 29th to request a recount; as it stands the official results leave Smith at 7,609 votes and Baker at 7,602.

reporting by Caledonia Rattlinggourd


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Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


2 thoughts on “Principal Chief Chad Smith Declared Winner of Cherokee Nation Election

  1. Hi there. Throughout college, my adviser and favored professor taught me so many comprehensive aspects of generalized Native American tribes. His name is John Chases Bear (Dr. John Carroll at California State University, Stanislaus, located in Turlock, CA; he was of the Choctaw). I had always known that both of my maternal grandparents had Indian ancestry — her father has descendants of a Cheyenne tribe, and her mother has more solid backing of her ancestry of a Cherokee tribe of that northern corner of Texas (just outside of Oklahoma). Furthermore, her nephew or my second cousin (of my mother’s generation), John Robinson, learned that we have descendants out of a Cherokee tribe that had initially chased been out of Georgia during the Trail of Tears. Subsequently, they’d moved throughout those two states. Around fifteen years ago John Robinson learned of this ancestry. For my regard, I finished college just over five years ago, where I’d learned so much of my own heritage through John Chases Bear (in his personal life, he prefers this title over his earned title, his PhD). Here’s my reason for this detailed story and this email: I would like to ask acceptance from you into the Cherokee tribe. So much history though this previous five centuries has been disregarded; it would be my greatest honor in life to assist in the restorative process.

    Posted by Brian Fergel | September 17, 2011, 4:18 pm
    • Hi Brian – this is Editor Caledonia Rattlinggourd 🙂 Thank you for your comment & for sharing a part of your life with me.. my best advice to you is to move closer to your people – (if you aren’t already) – & get involved with your community; learn your language, your traditions & lifeways – your traditional cooking.. jus get involved with your culture.. cause the culture isn’t ‘dead’, it’s jus waiting for you to come back to it, lol 🙂 you may consider looking into your families genealogy yourself; the Cherokee Nation is one of the most well documented tribes so it’s real easy to see who’s where & etc 🙂 & after you get your genealogy sorted thru you may or may not wanna consider enrollment if you’re not enrolled already.. that’s a personal decision tho, you may or may not want to, jus depending on your personal politics (it’s not for everyone)..but the most important thing is to get involved with your culture, your familial traditions & perpetuate them!! if you need a place to download the syllabary, let me know & I can send you a link or two! 🙂 have a goot one & TY again! 🙂

      Posted by CRG | September 17, 2011, 6:13 pm

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