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Heal the Water Day!

On June 24th 2011 Heal – Bless – Empower – Pray for the Water!
Mark your calendar and agenda! Be part of the solution!

…Think of your children and grandchildren and their children… They also cannot live without water. Previous generations have poisoned their water!

You can do this with a thought from wherever you are.
This video at the bottom shows an interview with Dr.Masaru Emoto about intention having an effect on water.

YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN TEST!! (see link below)

There is another link below leading to a series of short Youtube videos entitled “Water – The Great Mystery” with Nobel prize winners and specialists from around the globe explaining in more detail everything from the memory retention of water to its reactions to human emotions. Absolutely fascinating!

Our water is ill, poisoned more and more!! We cannot live without it!!
Whether you believe in healing, blessing, empowering, or intending, share it with any natural water or body of water on that day! The more people who join in, the more powerful it will be!

It can be as simple as saying thank you to water for sustaining life while in the shower, water in your glass, while it is raining, while swimming, going to the seaside, by a river stream or lake… You get the idea. ANY WATER ANYWHERE. Your own body, is between 55% and 90% water! Think of a wild body of water like a lake, stream, river, ocean and direct your thoughts to it…

You can also say to the water that you Love it. You can ask it for forgiveness or say you are sorry for its condition. Whatever way works for you is a good way. Whichever way you choose to do this, intend the words with deep sincerity… As though you are speaking to a beloved friend.

Pass this on to as many people as you can… Get together if you want.
When we gather with intention or in intention, we empower the intention.

If this sounds crazy to you, so what? Does it hurt to try? At this point, there is nothing to lose… ♥♥♥

Masaru Emoto video:

Water – The Great Mystery:

TRANSFORM Ordinary Water Into HEALING WATER Science Proven!:

Page francophone :


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