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Nitasha ” Tiger ” Half

 Nitasha Half

” I’m a positive role model for my daughter, communities and our next generation. What I do in this journey will impact other human beings for a brighter future. “We struggle with real life problems.” I have struggled to find where I belong while growing up. Finally, after becoming a mother at age of 19 years old I was able to see my purpose in life and I can say it saved me from leading the wrong path “


*Born October 12, 1983 in Kamloops, British Columbia

*Current Record 3-2

*1st degree blue belt in kickboxing certified by Craig Smith (2011)

*Possesses yellow belt in Krav Maga certified by Perry Gibson (2011)

*Originally from Saddle Lake First Nations reserve

*Currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia

*Has one beautiful and bright daughter

*She has two older brothers who are 7-9yrs older than her

*Kickboxing nickname “Tiger”

*Family given nicknames “Tasha”, “Sasha”

*Current active member of the Virginia Beach Search & Rescue team

*Currently a full-time Criminal Justice student and will be graduating from Associates degree in Criminal Justice on September 9, 2011 then she’s pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in the fall.

*Works as a Patrol Officer *

Attained her G.E.D (2009)

*Possesses Executive Protection Diploma (2006)

*Possesses Private Security Professional Diploma (2005)

*Completed Native Studies program at Blue Quills First Nations College (2004)

*Featured in the St. Paul Journal for Championship win (2010)

*Featured in Role Model section (2011)

*2 more articles were featured in the St. Paul Journal Sports section for bringing kickboxing to Saddle Lake First Nations Reserve (2010)

*Possesses 2 Championship belts and 5 medals

 Short term goals & plans: attain my black belt status by Craig Smith in the fall of 2012. Continue to host kick boxing lessons in Canada.

Long term goals: Become a black belt instructor and open up my own dojo shortly after attaining my black belt degree.

I will continue to train with this sport I just want to excel higher than expected. I want to continue to teach others to self defend themselves and/or to compete. My name is Nitasha “Tiger” Half. I’m an amateur kick boxer training out of Craig Smith’s kick boxing/karate school in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A. Craig Smith kick boxing school is certified Joe Lewis fighting system and David Dise kickboxing system. Our team holds the #1 top amateur team out of the United States. I possess the 2011 National U.S. Classic Kickboxing Championship belt.

My coach Craig Smith (the head instructor trainer) and a 5th Dan black belt of Joe Lewis who is considered the greatest kick boxer and the founder of American full contact kickboxing in the USA. The other trainers of Team Smith, some of who are Joe Lewis black belts are Jim Monaco, Ed Robinson, 1st Dan (black belt) Bill Dickerson and Michael Davenport.

Since my first loss I have taken each fight to the next limit and looked sharp in the ring. My first bout was my first loss. I will not allow myself to be distracted or caught off guard again. However, you can’t always expect the judges to see everything. Even champions have losses. My success deprives from my heart and mind.


On February 4, 5, 6th there was 2011 National U.S. Classic Kickboxing/MMA Championships. I fought two girls during that championship. That was my last weight category of 165-173lbs (super middleweight), which I’m now in the middleweight category. Since I started competing in the fall of 2010, I have fought 3 exhibition matches and 4 bouts. I have another 5-6 bouts this year (2011) yet to fight.

Facebook Fan Page


YouTube Channel


2008-2009 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I took a big jump from living in Calgary, Alberta to Ontario after being laid off my job due to horrific events that took place fifteen days earlier. I had a position as Pre-Screening officer at Calgary International Airport. I met many people at the airport and became close friends with few co-workers. I’ll never forget our good times we had shared at the airport. I survived a house fire during the midnight of New Year’s. Exactly fifteen days later, my two close friends and I survived a vehicle accident in Calgary. I was distraught and stressed with the events I needed time off which I didn’t realize at the time. My best friend had me convinced to move with her to Ontario and leave all I knew behind in the past. I packed up my house and put almost everything in storage. I gave many things away to charity. Then took what I needed with me to Ontario. It was the best choice and sacrifice I ever made.


May- July 2009, Ontario, Canada

I began the sport of kickboxing while working as a youth case worker and I was challenged with working with behavioral problematic youths between the ages 13 and 16 years old. My employer at the time requested if I could take the youths to kickboxing. From there I found comfort and passion within the world of kickboxing.


 I’m originally from Saddle Lake First Nations reserve. I’m half blooded Cree and Russian decent. My mother is from Saddle Lake First Nation reserve. And my father is from the Doukohobor country in British Columbia. I have many family members spread out through North American continent. However, my immediate family currently resides in Western Canada.


In addition, I have my own fan page on Facebook you can search my page under the name of Nitasha “Tiger” Half. I have couple videos, variety of pictures and updates on regular basis on my fan page. I have few videos on YouTube, search for Team Smith fighter “ Nitasha Tiger Half ”. Be on the lookout for my new website coming soon!!


At last but not least, I also brought introduction kickboxing course in Saddle Lake, Alberta during 2010 Christmas holidays. It was a successful course with total of 14 students completing the course. In March, I coordinated another introduction kickboxing course in Goodfish Lake, Alberta with an average 20 students. I intend on continuing to teach kickboxing throughout Alberta this year. Eventually, open up my own dojo.


I’m here to provide strength across the nations. I’m here to raise my daughter and be loving wife. I’m here to help you find your direction in life by looking deep within yourself.

The key is your passion. Ultimately, once you grasp your passion nothing is stopping you.

Surround yourself in a positive atmosphere and success and happiness will come hand in hand.

Work hard, make the necessary rightful decisions and don’t be afraid of change.

Strength, courage and support will help you significantly to walk towards your deepest goals.

Change may not be easy, however, no one said life is easy. It just means the outcome will be more worth your while.

Strive to excellence and be your best! Give it extra 10% and never less. “Change is a mere shade of what’s stored ahead.

Strive to make your dreams become reality; it’s never too late. It’s only too late when you say it is.” ~Nitasha Tiger Half

About James Morales

I am a choctaw and a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. I grew up in the Conehatta coummunity and attended the Conehatta Indian School. CEO - Native Hoop Inc President - Native Hoop Management President - Native Emergency Relief & Volunteer Agency, Inc Executive Producer - Voices of the Hoop Executive Producer - N8tive Soundz & Newz Executive Producer - The Hoop


One thought on “Nitasha ” Tiger ” Half

  1. She is one amazing person. Any man lucky enough to call her her his wife, better treat her right. She’s a woman of vision and goals and she must be supported and embraced at all costs. You go Tasha, you’re a wonderful and special lady.

    Posted by Reg Cardinal | June 13, 2011, 5:11 am

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