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Native Hoop Study Completed!

A 2 year study was recently completed by the members of Native Hoop in the effects/affects of stress related headaches, plumbing, and Washington, D.C.. The conclusion of that study is as follows along with a suggestion as to how to relieve your stress.

During the course of the study, we found more people both native and non native alike are getting stressed out by all the news coming from Washington about the price of food, fuel, drop in housing market, and the rise of unemployment across the board with the steady rise of fuel prices when someone farts in Washington.

Our study concludes that no matter how bad things get in Washington, the brunt of the Fecal Matter tends to run downhill to the taxpayers.

Our solution is simply and doesn’t cost the american consumer/taxpayer absolutely nothing….

Take your index finger of each hand and stick them in your ears and turn in the direction of Washington; stick out your tongue and blow HARD… We have found this is pretty much the same response we are getting from Washington anyway.


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