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10 people will be dropped into a reservation where they will have to endure one week of hardship, gossiping, backstabbing, jealousy, teepee creeping, 49ing, and be able to survive on high-fat, high cholesterol foods (USDA approved).

The 10 contestants will be given:
* Five sacred rocks.
* Rez car with no doors and no backglass.
* Unwinterized HUD house.
* Three days worth of food stamps.
* Five days of of continuous “PowWow Highway” clips.
* Moccasins, headband & feathers to wear around the rez (which demonstrates cultural sensitivity to reservation inhabitants).

The lone survivor of RESERVATION SURVIVOR will receive:
* Casino coupon book (a $10.00 value).
* Authentic, Indian hand-made Dreamcatcher.
* A “Princess Pale Moon” Edition Pendleton blanket.


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Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.



  1. When I read this I could not stop laughing.Posted it on my wall on Facebook.

    Posted by Firebird Graywolf | May 27, 2011, 7:22 am

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