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Payin it Forward ~

Three little, Two little, One Indian Man!

Makin due with what I got, doin the best I can

I got no ride, I got no whip

No gang affiliation and I don’t trip

Only thing I claim is my blood and my family

Always and forever that’s good enough for me

I won’t ever claim to be something I’m not

I do what I do, I give it all my best shot

I’ve got a son that I never get to see or hear

And every night I pray for him while I shed a tear

I’d like to give in and drown my sorrow

But I keep holding out for a better tomorrow

I don’t rely on wishes only reality

Praying for strength, humbleness and the sight to see

I’m a simple man who makes mistakes

And when I hear your struggles oh how my heart breaks

Just knowing that there is someone worse off than me

Gives me the determination to be the best me I can be

Cause maybe somewhere down this sorrowful road

You might be the one who needs a hand to hold

So whether you pray for me or not I’ll always pray for you

And hopefully, despite it all you’ll make it through

If your ever lonely on any given day or night

Just know that your not alone and as a mighty Nation that we will Never Give Up The Fight

This may sound corny as corn can be

But if you hear what I’m sayin then your down with reciprocity!

Despite whatever obstacles you may face, don’t ever think your less or better than anyone else and when the time comes to pay your dues then pay it forward without question just knowing how much stronger you are to have made it where you are now! Don’t dwell in the past, just remember where you’ve been so that you don’t end back up there today! lem lemtch!

Chad Hiatt Chippewa Cree/Kootenai by blood, Human by nature!


About CRG

Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


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