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From across the Room ~

I saw her sittin there from across the room
With her picture perfect chameleon smile tryin to hide the gloom
Sittin here myself, wishin I could be the one to make her smile for real
To let her know I can relate….. to how she feel
But instead I just sit and study her for awhile
Hoping I’m lucky enough to catch a real smile
If she only knew how beautiful she really is
But who am I? It’s none of my biz
I would like so much for her to smile at me
Then maybe I could be the one to help her see
The beauty within and everything without
And maybe she would know beyond a doubt
Just a little nudge in the right direction
With the help of a lil love and some tender affection
Because the world works in mysterious ways
And I don’t wanna be thinkin that I wasted my days
Like the ole country song lookin for love in all the wrong places
Only to wake up with all these strange faces
Feelin dirty and decieved like it’s nothin new
Takin away from the me that could be as I imagine I could be with you
Life so perfectly, so perfectly real
Where you wouldn’t have to hide just how you truly feel
Where every moment wouldn’t have to feel like a lie
Where we could walk around with our heads truly held high
In the clouds, yeah even cloud nine
Where we could hold each other close knowing I am yours, and you are mine
Forever and always, always and forever
This bond so close that there is nothing that could sever
These ties that bind us on heaven and earth
I just wish you would smile at me, for all it’s worth..
Closing time and I’m about to go before I feel a hand on my shoulder
Without skippin a beat I know that it’s her
So I turn around and it’s worth my while
Cause she looks at me, with a true smile!

By Chad Hiatt Chippewa Cree/Kootenai


About CRG

Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


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