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Something to think about?

3000 murdered or missing women, think about it. What is the signaficance of this? How about their innocence for one. Second, is this a plan perpetrated by the government, of course it is, why do you think they turn a blind eye to it. Lets think how this government thinks for a moment and understand why. One native women averages 3 kids, right? 3 times 3000 is equal to 9000 kids. Those 9000 kids grow up and have 3 children equals to 27,000 for the next generations, then after that 81,000 and so forth in each generation. Thats how this government thinks, this is why they paint a target on their backs. Media portrays us as the drunks, welfare people looking for a handout, something the government tells them to do since it is the government that owns them and pays them to tell this story. Nobody there to protect us, RCMP don’t like us even though they were formed to protect our rights, lands and freedom, shitty job protecting us isn’t it. More like there for the government to help rob us aren’t they. Cops are what when it comes to natives, bullies with guns, nothing more.

In the past, the government sterilized little girls, in residential schools, murdered them as well, along side their brothers and left them in cold shallow graves, most still unknown where there whereabouts are to this day. So if they were capable of that, what makes them any different now. Residential Schools only ended in the last 20 years did it not? Still nobody has been convicted for any crimes, they just forgave themselves, but did they really?

Again, why kill all these women and not do a thing to stop it? More Natives mean, more growth. More growth means sooner or later, natives will begin to stand up for what is theirs. How do you stop a nation from taking back what you are stealing from them, easy, by controlling their growth, going for the weakest of the group.

I watched a video again recently from Montreal, where the natives started to protest for their lands. I watched these so called people who call themselves Canadians throwing huge rocks as the natives drove by in their cars, smashing windows and hurting natives, men, women, children, all who were in the cars. As I watched the video, I noticed cops standing on the hills and overpasses with the people hurling the rocks and did nothing to stop it or arrest any of them. Why? Did they not take a oath to serve and protect? Did the government not see this news as well and charge those police and those citizens caught on tape for attempted murder and preventing such acts of terrorism. No! Not one of them were or ever was charged or indited for these crimes. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

The I look at us, what’s taking us so long to react as a nation. We’ve become numb to the things around us, only reacting to that which only concern us. If the nation beside us is in danger, suffering, or losing their lands, we thank god its not us and go on with our business. Eventually what happens there will happen to us as well, we all know it inside of us, its just a matter of time. Never mind the statistics on how the government looks at our murdered women, those are our nation and we must protect each and every one of us. Time to get our heads out of the clouds and see what kind of ripple this is actually causing to our nation. I care for each and every one of us, not because they are my cousins, sisters, fmaily or whatever, its because they really are my family, every native out there. Who cares most for natives in this world, other natives thats who because nobody else does. We have to care for each other now, unite and become an unbreakable bond that can’t be ripped apart.

We are rich, the resources they steal from us, belongs to us and we should get our fair share of it. The government knows this and as long as they control our very lives, they can do whatever they want and give us nothing. Kill a child, murder a woman, steal a baby to steal their status, keep us in poverty so we don’t know any better. Its happening whether you want to believe it or not and we are letting it. We have elected chiefs not caring for our nation, only how much they can make for themselves and it sickens me they exist. They want to be part of their government and what do I say. “To hell with being one of them.” What are these elcted chiefs doing to help us out now. Can we build our own economy without being interfered with or shut down? Can we have our fair share of our resources that they steal from our lands. Can we have the say what goes on our land and manage it ourselves? The answer to all these questions are “No!” They know the governments painted targets on our women’s backs, why are they not demanding, not asking, DEMANDING an answer and justice for these women. Why are they not demanding our inheritant rights on our own lands. Why are they wasting our time?

If the government is not the cause of the death of our women, they are definetly the accessories to the crime. Most of the Canadian citizens hate us now because to them we are stealing their hard earned tax money for booze and drugs. We sell illegal cigarrettes to fund terrorism in our own lands. We are hard criminals looking to steal from their homes. Thats the picture folks, plain and simple. That is how we are portrayed to the people by the government using the media, and that is why women are being killed across our lands. How long do we keep letting it go on before doing what we know we must do to end it. We become proud warriors only when we find a way to stop it, unite and stand for ourselves, reclaiming our rights, lands and sovereignty and our own government. We are not warriors if we stand around and do nothing and let innocent lives be snuffed out, so time to stop proclaiming yourself a warrior until you stand for your nation one way or another and help make a difference for all of us.

Every native here knows another another native there, spread this around to one, and tell them to spread it to one more and so forth. Soon we will become unified and stronger, and a new path will come to us, a better future for us and the next generations, one that we all can be proud of.

United Aboriginal Council of the Americas

Never will one native stand alone again. A new government, a new beginning

by David Cada
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Editor in Chief of the Voice of the Indigenous, Writer.


2 thoughts on “Something to think about?

  1. You refer to video of white Canadians stoning Indians. These people were from my reserve, Kahnawake. Ugliness is right under the surface – we can never relax yet Non-Indians don’t get it. Even non-whites don’t get it so eager are they to submerge themselves in the Euro-American mythology.

    Posted by Russell | May 11, 2011, 11:20 pm

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