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New AIM TV episode up on youtube- In Honor of Segorea Te/Glen Cove

Another exciting episode on AIM TV- amature Public ACCESS at its best! a shout out to everyone out there in prayer and ceremony for the protection of the Ancestors- Pilamayaye/Megwetch/Thank you

“We plan to be there for as long as it takes”-Jesse Romero- Chumash

Join Ms. Corine Fairbanks, Oglala Lakota, as she and Joe Bear Warrior- Taino/Cherokee Nation, Steve Luera- Yaqui Nation and Jesse Romero- Chumash Nation, discuss what is happening at the ceremony at Segorea Te / Glen Cove site. This ceremony started on April 15, 2011 and will continue until this all plans to desecrate/develop this site have ceased and are no longer in action.

The local Native American community has been outspoken for over ten years about the Glen Cove Sacred Site, and the message has been overwhelmingly: do not further disturb and manipulate this sacred burial ground of our ancestors. It is not a park. Spiritual leaders from Ohlone Nation and Miwok Nation and other local Nations consider the proposed park development plans to be an offensive desecration of this holy area that has already seen many years of abuse in the hands of settlers. Furthermore, we consider the manipulation of our ancestors’ burial site without our informed consent to be a violation of our human and religious rights.

Because they want to seem politically correct, the developers are becoming familiar with the language so it sounds good for them to say ‘protecting and preserving,’ but it’s all a show. If they really were protecting and preserving, they would leave the site alone.”
-Wounded Knee DeOcampo, Miwok Elder

For more information on Segorea Te/Glen Cove site

For more info on AIMsb –

show in 3 parts
part 1

Part 2

Part 3

via AIM Southern California


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