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Why protest muderers when we should be uniting a nation into a government?

When a murderer kills a child, why would we protest at his door? When someone kills our wife, our daughter, niece or just a girl next door, why would we ask the same people responsible, for protection? When they steal our lands, why would we ask them politely to give it back? So tell me, why do we protest the government who are responsible for all of these crimes to all of a sudden have a change of heart and do the right thing? Do we think they have morals or guilt for their crimes?

We allow them to come to our homes and tell us what to do. They want us to remain in poverty. They say they won’t tax you on a reserve, yet try to open a business without them demanding, not asking, for their share in the form of extortion. Or if you are making to much money, they say you are funding terrorism and will shut you down. Let them find resources on your land and watch how fast you are moved from the area. All this goes on and we still go to protest in front of their doors. Will they give in, no, not really, we have what they want and they will get it.

Dam! They killed our nation, starting with our children and yet we don’t stand together united yet. Women are being killed because they are the target painted by the government to help rid the native problem. The so called “Canadians” who believe we are stealing their hard earned tax paying dollars are killing them because they believe that’s what the government wants, it basically says so through the media that the government gets them to print. Again we protest.

How many of you had alcoholic parents growing up, hurt because of the tortures they had to endure, caused by the government? How many of us had a normal family with real family values? How many deaths have we seen caused by them through suicides again, caused by them. I have seen and heard too many die, haven’t we all? So protest them, what does it accomplish? Will they admit to doing anything wrong? Their greed is bigger then their hearts, so I doubt it.

We all want the same thing, right? We want what is our right. Protesting them only makes them take a day off, a family day for them, lock their business doors up and go home for the day. We can yell, but they won’t listen, their ears went deaf for the day. So how do you beat them?

You have to make your voices stronger, unite, and form a government that will make them listen. Our lands are being sold off by fraudulent elected chiefs. Our rights are being stolen everyday. Soon we will have no land left, and all of our resources will be gone, so we have to act now. Stop asking murderers, thieves, and dirt bags for what is ours. Stand up together and fight back. World courts will listen and so will the rest of the world, if we just stand up together, united. Our blood, they have all over their murderous hands, they bathed in it to get what they wanted, they are guilty. Child killers, women murderers, that’s all they are. Anybody that could live off the rewards of such deaths is pathetic and that is what they are. For years they gloated to the world they did nothing wrong, they are only kidding themselves to make them feel better.

Do you know we are one of the only nations in the world that are still ruled by others in our own lands today?

We were divided by them, made to trust them, and then slaughtered by them while we slept. Today we are still divided and its killing us as well because we let them keep us this way when we should be saying no more. Either we make this happen, this new government and challenge them in the international courts, or we keep protesting and going home with the same disappointed looks on our faces when we loose our homes, our lands and more of our people. Most of us are too tired to protest anymore, you can see it in the faces, they have given up, they know if we keep going, we can either go to their jails, or take the risk of being shot or beaten, many are just so afraid now. As a government that can change and we can take it to a higher level then their courts here. Why do we want to try to fight them in their courts anyways, it’s just stacked against us, so we take it higher, it just makes sense. Before it goes there we raise awareness in other countries so they can see what’s happening as well so we can have more support for our cause. We need to take back control of our own path and our future.

Sit back, complain and do nothing, then we lost already. Think you have a job on the rez, think again when the government has what they want, that too will be gone. You think you are safe because nothing has happen to you yet, then wait a couple of more years, or take a look at your son or daughter and wonder what you have left them when you are gone, nothing, absolutely nothing because it too will be gone. Or how about, did you move off the reserve to get a job, if we all did that then would there be a reserve left? When there is no reserve left, would there be any natives left, and would you be called then a “Canadian” or an “American”, because you sure would not be a First nation, Inuit or Metis, those would be but a part of history, a story for them to tell their kids? Their story would go like this; “there were these salvages here kids, but our people were brave and stood tall and slaughtered them all, all of them, men, women and children because they weren’t like us, they had no Christian souls.” Believe it.

Sure a protest gains a little, but what does it really gain? The government gives a “little” something at times but takes a whole lot back in return. That’s how they fool us all and we are foolish enough to fall for it.

On our own lands, we should be living like kings, but we live in poverty. We need to change that. The government prevents us from uniting because they are afraid of losing everything; they own nothing legally, nothing at all. They set up elected chiefs to fool us all, to steal all we have and get nothing in return. Lands are being sold left and right fraudulently and yet look at us, 99% of us are still poor, why? Where is all the money going, where is the Native Trust Fund and where is all the promises from the Treaty gone. Should not an elected chief first and foremost goal is to get the government to honor the real Treaty and to protect our lands? And if they are selling it, shouldn’t we be getting equal shares if we first agree to it being sold and we are getting the fair market price for it? Should we not have a vote on lands we don’t want destroyed, or is that only up to them now? The only ones that I see getting rich here are them and the government, the rest of us are still suffering in poverty, or just getting by.

Again I say, unite, build our own government, or loose everything in the end, it’s that simple. A person, who stands alone, can never win. When we stand together, then we will have a chance. Why let these murderers get away with all their crimes. They broke the treaties long time ago when they started killing our people and stealing our lands, how long do we let it continue without stand up? Stand up for all those children who lay in unmarked graves to this day. Stand up for the murdered women which now has reached past 3000 gone missing. Stand up for the beatings and deaths our grandfathers and grandmothers, some of our parents, our uncles, aunts and cousins and so forth had to endure through residential schools. Stand up because it’s just the right thing to do.

If we’re going to protest, let’s protest for the right reason, for our freedom and our rights. Let’s protest as a government fighting for its lands and resources. Let’s protest where it will make a difference and not to people who are the ones committing the crimes. Let’s protest in front of the world’s court when we are fighting this government, on who has the legal right to this land, our lands. Let’s do it together, it’s already started. When we stand together, no one will stand alone, nobody will feel alone.

Our land. Our rights. Our nation. Our government. It’s time. United Aborignial Council of the Americas – UACA

by David Cada
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