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Red Power United call out: For Food and supplies to make a stand.

Red Power United call out: For Food and supplies to make a stand.

Harrison Helkrow April 26 at 10:11am Members of Red Power United in solidarity is preparing to make a stand in protection of Native Lands.

We are sending a urgent call out for food and supplies.

Anything that you can donate for the movement and the cause will be greatly appreciated.

Food items:

Water, water jugs, Camp Stove, Dried Milk – Peanut Butter – Dried Fruit – Canned food, or dried: Oatmeal – Sugar – Salt, Cooking Oil, Flour, corn, Canned Fruits – Canned Vegetables – Soups – Stews, Canned Sardines, tuna, salmon rice, Coffee, sugar, tea cedar

Cooking supplies:

Pots, frying pan, cutlery, paper plates, cups, can opener, aluminum Foil, plastic containers.


Camping: Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, sleeping pads, and ground cloth and waterproof *Tarp(s)

Fire wood, Hatchet, Shovels, Swiss Army knife, Flashlights, Light-sticks, Candles, Matches, Plastic Zip-Lock Bags, Duct Tape, Batteries (Radio) Tarps, Stakes or Pegs, Twine, Rope, communication devices.

Toiletries (paper) toothbrushes, baking soda or tooth paste, salt, soap, antibacterial soap.

Clothing – Have clothing for all weather, rain gear, work gloves.

*Native medicines are needed to protect the area: sage, sweet grass and tobacco..

People willing to drop off food and supplies please contact:

Blu Waters @ 416-535-2129

Drop of address: 2157 Dundas West Toronto ON


United We Stand .!/group.php?gid=287688395262

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