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Native Rights and Issues

The Change Begins With Us

With a few good people I met on my last trip to the reserve, we have decided to raise the attention of the communities with a real grassroots clan that will gather all of our nations together. One that will be transparent on what we want and what we are doing, with the support of our people and our nations. We will stand against the land grabs, the fraudulent chiefs, and all the other crimes against our nation. Using our brains rather than our fists, we will fight against all those who steal from us and that includes government, corporations and our own people within. We will grow because it is the will of our nation to make a change. We are tired of the crap and the discrimination against our nation. We have lost no wars and yet they continue acting like they have beaten us in one. We will stand as united and one because we have heard the cries of those who feel alone. We will spread from Ontario to across Canada and then the United States because the treaty we signed originally did not give up any of our lands. We will demand compensation for the lands they sit on and steal from. We will protect the lands that have been untouched. We do not want a seat in their government house, we will make our own seats in our own house and define our own rules and laws. The beginning has already started. The theft of our lands and the crimes to our nations must be answered. Men, women, children, and our elders have been waiting for something too long and it must be answered. Legally, the government has not a leg to stand on. Their fraudulent ways has come to an end. Their phoney land deals has come to an end. I cannot go buy back Toronto by getting 20 bums from the streets to sign a sale document anymore then they can setup crooked elected Chiefs to sign our lands and rights away. Since they have no honor for treaties, then all treaties are null and void. The change has begun. The group is now forming as we speak. We will all make a change together. Together United We Stand, or Divided We Will Fall.

A giant is awakening, we have slept too long and because of that many of our children have suffered the ultimate price, their lives. Poverty and diseases are at their all time high in our reserves with diabetes and cancer being the number one killer of native lives. We had no diseases before they came, but because of their greed, we are paying that price. We live years behind them when it comes to modernization because we are too poor for the better things of life and yet we cannot remain living our ways and customs because they are killing that as well. Look around, its not hard to see. The only food we can afford, causes more disease then nutrition. They steal our fish, and kill our wildlife, even our air is not fit to breath. Yes it is time to awaken from our slumber, and unite as one. Stand together or leave the government to their agenda’s in doing away with the so called “Indian Problem”. It is our turn to do what the Creator meant for us to do and become once again, the caretakers of the land. The land and its creations are calling to us to wake up and form a group thats members include all those who feel we must make a change not just without but within as well. Tired of the land being lost or sold, tired of the non transpiracies of our nation’s leaders and tired of standing alone.

by David Cada
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