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S10 Chevy Pickup

We had a lil S10 pickup truck way back.. it started as a pretty goot, cheap & reliable truck. There was no air conditioner, but hot air from the engine blew through the vents anyways.. there were three of us, adult sized people who had to ride in the tiny thing, crammed in so tight we could hardly move.. on hot days we would bring a bowl full of ice cubes with us on the road, and rub them on our arms to try to keep cool. We’d had it about a year when the drivers side window fell through the door & so, we screened in the window… there was also some thing that made a really loud CLUNK sound everytime we drove it. It had a tape player and seatbelts that jammed sometimes, but lookin back it was a pretty goot ride afterall, it got us where we needed to go.. and it didn’t even have a hole in the floorboard, but that’s a different truck and a different story..!!

submitted by Caledonia Rattlinggourd


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