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Native Rights and Issues

Building a United Tribal Government and taking back what is our Right

Date: Sunday May 22, 2011
Location: 220 Mohawk Road
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
12:00pm – 3:00pm

This meeting will show everyone why we need to stand and form our own government council. Why depend on funding when this government hoards the wealth of our people and gives us scrapes to live on? It will show you why the law is on our side when it comes to the International Courts and what we must do to enforce it. Can we sit by any longer while they scheme up new …ways to take everything we have and leave us in total poverty when they say they have no obligations to us when our leaders hand them it all. Our leaders want to sit in their house, their Parliament and become their puppets, the rest of us do not. This land is ours, its time we stood up and reclaimed it. No more sitting around complaining to others this is our land, its time we stood up together and said to the world, THIS IS OUR LAND!!. When we are united into a council of many tribes, standing for our rights, the world will be watching, they are watching now and when our Great Council stands in the International Courts together as a government, the rest of the world countries, many will be standing with us. They will be watching and waiting for the outcome and the courts will be watched with scrutiny to do the right thing because if they don’t, then the rest of the world will know who they are and faith will be gone for these courts, by far.

On May 22, 2011, we will be holding a meeting for all natives concerns and questions on a native government. As predicted by our ancestors, in the seventh generation we will rise again and reclaim our birthright on our lands. That time has come. United, bringing together all native tribes, we will build a new future for our nations and for the next seven generations to come. Our customs and our traditions will remain intact for each nation, and together working with our Tribal Councils, we will challenge the corporation of Canada in the International Courts on; our rights to manage our own lands and resources, protecting our lands and waters, penalize those who have committed atrocities and crimes on our people, genocide, extortion, the right to build economies and trade without interference, fraudulent land claims and treaties, and the return of the Native Trust Fund.

The government kept us divided and prevented us from Self-Government because of one thing, they were afraid because they had too much to lose if we united into our own government. Their greed has stripped away our rights, our lands, and our pride. According to information, some leaders are working with the government to strip away their obligations to us for some sort of a ten year deal, meaning after ten years, they owe us nothing and we will be left to fend on our own, and our lands will be gone. This will not happen if we make a stand.

Healing begins at a faster rate, when our people see that if those who committed the crime, serve some time. Suicides among our youth will decline when they see a better tomorrow for our nation and a chance to become a great part of it. When we sue the corporation of Canada on our land, then we will be able to build economies and can build banks that are First Nations Banks and so forth, lending to their people at better rates, building our economy higher and greater. How many of their citizens would jump ship to have a lighter mortgage by us? This can all happen; we just have to stand up for it and reclaim what is known by them as our “Indian Title” to our lands.

Hereditary, Blood-line, Traditional Chiefs forming a council with original Tribal Councils, clan Mothers from every tribe on Turtle Island. Leaders voted in by not the largest families but by all communities in different areas. Each of these groups together, working in harmony for the greater goal, the future of our people, our nation and our lands. It was done in the past, that is how we got the Royal Proclamation and our ancestors fought and died to protect that. Even in the Canadian Charter of Rights section 25a) it still protects that Proclamation, and yet they are breaking it by without consent, chose to label us as Canadians. We are not Canadians; we are the Original people of this land and have the right to govern not only ourselves, but our lands and resources as well. The Royal Proclamation has never been deleted or altered so it stands true today and supersedes any other laws they try to impose on our nation.

We did not lose any war to them, we have not surrendered our lands, and so why is it we have lost the most? We were not educated to their ways before, so they wrote what ever they chose to right in their books to claim our rights, our lands, even our names as their own. This government, their courts call us Canadians, their subjects, and we must do as we are told by their laws. Their churches were allowed to murder our children, the government has allowed them to kill our men and women. Its time we ended the madness they have caused to our people, its time for the healing to really begin. We have been resting in the past, we were asleep, but now we have awakened and now its time we stand up.

The place where we are meeting:

There is a longhouse and a community center there and plenty of room to set up tents if you choose to stay overnight. There is a river there for canoeing and hiking trails if you wish to do any as well.

by David Cada
feel free to mail any questions to;


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