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Lessons from the turtle

Lessons from the turtle

When turtles are ready to lay their eggs they go to land and lay their eggs in the sand. They lay many eggs. The turtle lives many years longer than a man does but they are faced with many challenges when they are born. When the baby turtles are born they head to sea. As they are born there are many seagulls waiting for them to come out of the sand so they can eat. If they make it to the ocean there are sharks waiting for them so many die in the process of heading from land to sea. In life there are many seagulls and sharks (deceivers, scam artists, bullies, etc.) and they will do all that they can to eat your life up and spit you out. If you lay false lights nearby many of the turtles will get distracted and head for the lights thus insuring their deaths. In life we will find many false lights. Some of them we learn in school and through others. Many people decide to follow the crowd instead of being their true self. Some turn to drugs and alcohol or practice the art of lets keep up with the Jones next door. Many follow the fads and trends. Some turn to false religions or become religious but have one foot in religion and the other in hypocrisy. They have headed for the false lights instead of the ocean. We need to be like the turtle and head toward the right path. The turtle instinctively knows what they have to do and if they follow the right path (the path to the ocean for the turtle), (the spiritual path for humans) they will live a long abundant life. We must avoid the seagulls, the sharks and the false lights of this world. Live your life and don’t try to be someone your not. Just be your true self.

Written by Bear Warrior




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