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Ten Things You Will Never Hear A Ind’n Say

Ten Things You Will Never Hear A Ind’n Say

DANG, it is gonna rain and I just waxed my car
NAW, I don’t feel like going out snaggin tonight
YOU can’t feed that to the dog
NO thanks we are vegetarians
No thanks I don’t want any fry bread
DO you think my hair is too long
TRIM the fat off that steak
YES officer, I have my license, registartion, and insurance right here.
EEWWW, bacon grease
I think I need to put my dog on a leash.

About James Morales

I am a choctaw and a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. I grew up in the Conehatta coummunity and attended the Conehatta Indian School. CEO - Native Hoop Inc President - Native Hoop Management President - Native Emergency Relief & Volunteer Agency, Inc Executive Producer - Voices of the Hoop Executive Producer - N8tive Soundz & Newz Executive Producer - The Hoop


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