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Editorial, Native Rights and Issues

John Stossel paints a dim view of American Indians and their need for funding.


John Stossel Anchorperson, reporter economist has made two videos that concern American Indians. In the videos he calls American Indians as Freeloaders.He interviews some Sioux Indians, By watching these interviews I get the impression that the Indian folks had no idea that Stossel would be calling them freeloaders.John Stossel is well read on American Indian history. It is obvious from his speech. The problem with Stossel is he teaches Economics how to get and stay rich perhaps?I really got a kick out of Fox news putting under their comment boxes that any personal attacks will be removed from their threads. Yet it is alright for their employee John Stossel to attack personally thousands of Indian people.


I also find his attitude to be very cocky, this also proves that he is bias against those from Turtle Island,one must ask ones self why is a non-native person allowed to commentate on such a sensitive issue,I myself see jealousy and perhaps John Stossel ancestors did not get monies for their life style. Yet his people maybe came here poor but they were not herded to reservations run by the BIA. He makes a statement about the BIA being in charge of Tribal Reservations as if the Indian people ask for this agency to be created centuries ago. No there is no Irish BIA, American Black BIA, but whom says Indian people wanted a BIA, now that it is here Reservations have to live with this set up.We support the Lumbee people, however everyone has a different story thanks to the U.S. government, no comparisons John.


I feel as John Stossel is blaming the victims for the crime, this happens often in Domestic Violence and rape cases.The victim often does not heal or is scarred for life.These statements from John Stossel is the same scenario and can set us back another century.Perhaps Stossel comes from a long line of Indian fighters, perhaps his great, great grandpa was murdered by a Indian person defending Indian land. Abraham Lincoln hated Indian people because it is reported that Lincoln’s grandpa was murdered by Indians. Lincoln ordered many Indian executions, believed to be the most of any President of the U.S.


Whatever is the case John Stossel needs to restructure his style of reporting, perhaps he himself is going to get some funding for his reporting on American Indian freeloaders.Take a look at how he ends his video, dressed as a panhandler, are we supposed to fit in that category? Also I love how he states that he is rich.Wow was he throwing that in the face of Indian people, shame on you John Stossel!


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