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John Stossel Is he a Enemy to American Indians?

John Stossel, is painting a negative image of American Indians watch this video as this reporter defends American Indians against John Stossel and Fox News.


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One thought on “John Stossel Is he a Enemy to American Indians?

  1. Hmmm. Mr. Stossel is guilty of the worst type of so-called jounalism: the type that paints all members of a set with a very broad brush. His story points out the worst of shallow, shady, baseless “looking for things to support his point of view” that passes for research. AS a graduate with a degree in History, I have done my fair share. Enough to know that, no matter how dear to your heart or how shocking the subject matter, if there is no supporting evidence, or if there is insufficient evidence, the topic is not substantiated. Ok, the Lumbee tribe is doing well. The subjects of his story were in North Carolina. Based on five people, two of whom are brothers, he dares to paint the whole population of northeren People as over helped by the government!! Wow,based on his type of research, one could say that because the Northern states were home to several thousand free black men, there was no need to free the rest or end slavery!! AFter all, if some could do it, why not all??? Why didn’t more utilize the underground rail road and head north to freedom. Silly. He fails to realize that many tribes of the north east no longer exist because of the influence of white gummint, that killed them off to the last person. How about the Shawnee, Cherokee and others from the shoutheaast who were forced off their lands to the barren flats of Oklahoma?? How about the destruction of culture through the near extinction of buffalo?? How about the destruction of culture through a so-called boarding schools, which, according to “Hidden from History” still killed off First Nation kids in the sixties??? I wonder why no white folks want to live on the lands ‘reserved’ for the remnants of the nations that once thrived on the plains? The government set out on purpose to eliminate the People, and failing to do so, they placed them on destitute lands unsuitable for crops and ‘farming’ pursuits. So deep was the hatred and loathing of the government and much of American society for the People, that they did not gain full citizenship and suffrage until 1948. Stossel’s remarks about the inability of People on the reservations to exercise their full abilities is at the heart of sovereignty. With poor schools, rampant unemployment, addiction and alcoholism, infant mortality on par with some third world countries, teen suicide rates far exceeding by far other population divisions, the gummint should be asking what more they can do to end the hopelessness that characterizes life on many reservations. Casinos are not the answer. The answer is helping restore the dignity, self-respect, and cultural pride that centuries of genocide have nearly erased. Maybe the answer is not chucking money at the People. Maybe the answer is respecting their right to raise their kids in traditional ways, to keep and perpetuate traditional values and norms – to become the proud people that lived free when whites only sought repression.

    Posted by Brendan "Bull" Mikus | April 13, 2011, 10:43 pm

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