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Emergency Update Concerning Glen Cove Sacred Site – From Wounded Knee DeOcampo

Emergency Update Concerning Glen Cove Sacred Site – From Wounded Knee DeOcampo
Media Release: April 6th, 2011

I am writing this URGENT update for Wounded Knee DeOcampo. Following our previous written release concerning the attack that is taking place on the Glen Cove Sacred Site in Vallejo, California, Wounded has learned that the city is going to precede going into the mound on APRIL 15th. Wounded is calling for supporters to help physically block the mound, as he sees that words have not done anything. The city is still determined to go in. Wounded stated, “Our ancestors are crying,” and “this act can be seen as a hate crime against a people.”

He also stated that “our people did nothing but help the white European people who set foot on our land when they would have starved to death without our help. How are we repaid or thanked? Our children and women were murdered and raped, our land was taken, and yet they still continue to destroy our people and dig up our ancestors. How can people be so evil?”

We are sending this letter in hopes that others will back Wounded Knee DeOcampo with what he “must” do. The League of Indian Nations of North America and The Strong Heart Preservation Movement is drafting an official letter recognized by The International Parliament of Safety and Peace (130 Nations around the world) to support Wounded Knee’s and Native peoples’ sovereign rights to their territories. We will post that and send it out as soon as we complete it. Please spread the word to others of what is going on. ALL people must be educated and understand these unjust actions that are taking place. Many treaties and resolutions within the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

According to the 2007 United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous people have right to full access of their lands and resources, as well as traditional. social customs and judiciary practices.

Attorneys are attempting to build coalitions across the country for cases just like this one. If you know an attorney, skilled in Native law, from California, please e-mail me at , and I will put them in contact with an attorney who has been working hard on other Native issues.

Here is the contact information for the city of Vallejo, California. Wounded Knee asks that everyone let their voice be heard. All people of all backgrounds must step-up and make your voices heard. Hopefully many of you will be there in person, but, if not, please write, call, or e-mail the city.
We have posted all of this information on our website at and here is the contact information:

Let your voice be heard! Please send your emails to the following recipients:

Mayor of Vallejo, Osby Davis
GVRD General Manager Shane McAffee, eMail:
To contact the Vallejo Inter-tribal Council directly, please call or write:
Wounded Knee DeOcampo
400 Keats Drive
Vallejo, CA 94591
Phone: 707-557-2140


Robert Dunaway
Director of Strong Heart Preservation Movement
Counselour for League of Indian Nations of North America
International Parliament of Safety and Peace

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