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The Navajo Code Talkers I was honored to March with them. (via The Voice of the Indigenous)

These gentlemen I had the pleasure of spending hours with before The Indigenous people of Turtle Island marched in the Veterans parade in New York City. Some friends of mine gifted them with a blanket when they weather turned chili, many Indians came from New Jersey and Long Island to march in support of those that gave their time and lives to protect Turtle Island.

The Navajo Code talkers were also here to book sign and to receive recognition from the Mayor of New York,it was a honor to meet the legendary heroes. I am looking forward to seeing them again in the next parade.

The  Navajo Code Talkers I was honored to March with them. The Navajo Code Talkers come to New York City every year to be a part of the Veteran’s Day Parade. Yet how many people that cheer them on really know the contribution they have made to the survival of The United States Of  America? The Navajo Code Talkers were recruited by The United States Marine Corps In May 1942, 200 Navajo men many were sheep herders. The Navajo (Dine) language was Isolated on the Navajo lands of the Southwest making this lan … Read More

via The Voice of the Indigenous


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One thought on “The Navajo Code Talkers I was honored to March with them. (via The Voice of the Indigenous)

  1. Wow, truly a great honor to march with such distinguished warriors! The names and deeds of these brave men will last always, but many are crossing over each day. If you know any veterans, thank them for their courage and sacrifice, welcome them back home, and spend time with them, if at all possible. They are a dying treasure for the People. Their experiences in war and peace can teach us valuable lessons and even advise us in our own life situations. They are our elders – gifts from the One Above – and we must seek their wisdom before it leaves with them. Thanks for a great article, short and powerful.

    Posted by Brendan "Bull" Mikus | March 29, 2011, 4:07 am

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