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Smothered Venison

Smothered Venison

1 lb. venison steak, cut 1/2 inch thick
2 c. plus 3 tbsp. flour
1/4 c. cooking oil
Garlic salt
1 lg. o­nion, sliced
Salt & pepper to taste

Tenderize venison and cut into serving pieces. Dip meat into flour and brown in hot oil in cast iron skillet. Remove meat when browned. Stir 3 tablespoons flour into oil and gradually add 2 cups milk. Cook until thick, then add seasonings and browned steak. Place o­nion slices on top of steak. Gravy should cover steak and onions. Cover and bake at 250 to 300 degrees for 2 hours. 4 servings.

Submitted byIra Hull on June 5, 2010 on the Native Hoop Social Network

About James Morales

I am a choctaw and a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. I grew up in the Conehatta coummunity and attended the Conehatta Indian School. CEO - Native Hoop Inc President - Native Hoop Management President - Native Emergency Relief & Volunteer Agency, Inc Executive Producer - Voices of the Hoop Executive Producer - N8tive Soundz & Newz Executive Producer - The Hoop


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